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Tue, 21 Oct 1997 12:00:31 -0400 (EDT)

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Laura writes:

>I am looking for information in regards to performance management systems
>for a research paper for my master's program. I must conduct a survey of
>systems (360, mbo,etc.) and recommend the best fit for my organization.

Most performance management systems focus on the individual, with the
underlying assumption that if you get each of the 'parts' of the system to
perform its best, the entire system will perform its best. I am not sure
this is a useful assumption.

Another approach is to work on making the *interactions* of the entire
organization more effective. One of the best organizational-level
performance management systems that I have worked with is created by a
group called Associates in Process Improvement, led by Lloyd Provost.
Although they call their approach "Quality as a Business Strategy", it
functions more like Learning as a Business Strategy. Their Austin, TX
office phone number is (512) 451-0131.

Eric Budd
Rochester, MI
(248) 656-8617


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