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You want it be a dialog rather than a debate. I know that post Senge the
emphasis is on dialog and deep listening rather than discussion or debate:
I am in that minority who believes that our long tradition of public
debate--e.g, Lincoln-Douglas--and public argument has much to commend it,
and I would much rather hear honest convictions passionately debated on
Buckley or Novak than tepid dialog where real differences are blurred and
masked in polite chatter that fails to unconceal the deep and divisive

And you would like to hear more from those who use the biological
metaphors. I had thought there was little left for them to reveal: they
have been forthcoming and open about their convictions, and I have
collected many pages on their viewpoints. If you and they feel that the
essence of the position has not yet been disclosed, let's have it by all

Meanwhile, I feel comfortable that the positions have been clearly stated,
and that my comments have been aimed at the position as they have
explicated it and not as I have fabricated it.

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