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Fri, 9 Jan 1998 11:12:35 -0800

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Mnr AM de Lange writes:
> But that will always be a miserable attempt because fundamentally each
> person has to acquire all seven of them through his/her own emergent
> learning, giving his/her personal theoretical account (explanations,
> descriptions and predictions) of them. One person can never do this
> emergent learning for another person. But after a person has learned these
> essentialities emergently, that person can help as a midwife others in
> their own emergent learning.

At, could you present a case study of an emergence for us, to help us
along the birth canal? I'm thinking of a description that starts with a
system near equilibrium, traces its growing chaos to the bifurcation
point, and shows how the essentialities worked to create the emergence.

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