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Replying to Juan P. Robertson:

> Businesses have a 20 or 30 year survival concern...

Perhaps we should question this assumption and ask why organizations
should endure in formal, static forms over lengthy periods of time.

Why not see companies as vehicles for individuals rather than viewing
individuals as vehicles for perpetuating companies?

"Company as king" requires an administrative layer of procedures that
takes precendent over the people currently doing those dumbed down jobs.

Organized organizations as we typically know them today suffer from
fundamental flaws of limited understanding and control of managers, the
existence of coercion, the existence of dependence and faulty inadequate

Impermanent, voluntary and dynamic "collapsible corporations" on the other
hand avoid these flaws and harness the fundamental forces of the
realization of the voluntary exchange principle that no-one need do
anything they do not want to, the realization of contestable markets that
new entrants can profitably enter and exit and falling transaction costs
(the costs of getting into a position to do business such as driving to
work instead of using teleworking) from enabling technologies.

Organizations will no longer be buffeted from market forces in the global,
fast-changing unorganized world. As someone rightly said recently in the
context of the Asian crisis- capitalism without bankruptcies is like
cristianity without hell.

Sorry Juan for taking only a small proportion of your post on sports
metaphors- I fully agree with your skepticism about their use. Sports are
more operational than strategic!

regards sincerely Simon Buckingham
unorganization: business not busyness!
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