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Dianne Ball asked,

>How do others see the relationship between leadership/followership & the

An essential for people to learn about and within an organization is
trust. You must trust you co workers enough to tell the truth as you see
it. If truth does not exist then the organization will never know what was
done and what happened.

Also if there is not trust people will spend energy on looking good
instead of developing the facts and results of and about what was done. If
facts are used to prove people wrong rather than search for the truth then
behavior will be cover up and avoidance of exposure.

If, for instance, I believe that sales incentives are the answer to
problem and use them I will not share with you if I see a hint of problem
with my beliefs unless I can trust you..

Fellowship may not be necessary. But sharing of results, opinions and
paradigms is an absolute requirement. Trust is required to share
information and beliefs. Is that fellowship? I think it is more and
harder to achieve.


>" Is "strong followership" a prerequisite for an organisation to become a
>LO, or is it one of the most valuable outcomes of an LO? (For me it is a
>criterium by which I decide if an organisation is a LO.) " At first
>glance this concept seems to me to be at adds with LO principles without
>further clarification; perhaps followership of values and common
>philosophy is required - but this seems to be another way of describing
>the mental models of Senge.
>My understanding of the implications of being a LO (and I state at the
>outset that I am a novice in this area, albeit a quick learner) is that
>the organisation has the 'freedom' to set its direction, strategies &
>practices according to the prevailing environment. I don't see that
>strong followership/leadership is desired in these areas but I do see how
>it is relevant for strengthening the mindset or shared mental models. Is
>this the intention of the statement?

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