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Mon, 12 Jan 1998 09:56:49 -0500

Knowledge Managers:

I am quite new to this list and am also very new to interest in Knowledge
Management. I am "flirting" with the field at the moment, considering
development and career focus in this area. Through the generous help of a
few in the field, I have finally gained a comfort level with the field's
scope, theoretical framework, and purpose.

I am now at a point where my employer is willing to fund my attendance at
a conference, workshop, symposium, etc. that will assist me in this
development, as it is highly applicable to the work I do. So, here is my

Could I get those who are privy to this sort of thing to suggest -- in the
group or by private e-mail -- some conferences that are tried-and-true
throughout the coming year? Keep in mind that I am a newbie to KM as a
field but not entirely to the ideas behind it. My collective experience
and education has in fact prepared me to jump in rather rapidly, I
believe. So consider this when you consider the level of conferences you
recommend. I need something that has an introductory quality to it but
which would not waste a lot of my time on introductory matters. It will
be important to bring back solid, applicable content to my work.

Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciate.


J.B. Bryant


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