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Replying to Winfried Dressler in LO16511

Bravo. Bravo. (Insert here the sound of applause.)

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Winfried Dressler posts a well written and eloquent argument regarding the
merits -- and limits -- of the organismic metaphor, closing with a
response to an earlier posting from Steve Eskow:

Steve Eskow:
>>For those of us who are practitioner[s] the usefulness of a particular
>>fiction, or metaphor, is in the value we find when we "read" a particular
>>situation through that metaphor.

Winfried Dressler:
>May I include another value, especially for marketing purposes and
>dialogue: It is also important to know, what other people (one rely on)
>"read" in a particular situation by looking through the metaphor they use.
>It helps to avoid to tell them that their reading is wrong and to offer
>just another lens instead.

>I believe that metaphors are one of the greatest learning tools.

Winfried is not alone in that view. One of my favorite quotes follows:

"The metaphor is probably the most fertile power possessed
by man."

Jose Ortega y Gasset
The Dehumanization of Art


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