A Farewell LO16563

Ben Compton (BCompton@dws.net)
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 10:19:47 -0500

Well it has happened. I've unsubscribed from the Learning-Org list. My
schedule is booked and I simply can't keep up with the incoming messages.
But there are other reasons too. . .

1) I have experienced a profound reformation in my philosophical views
that I no longer find a lot of virtue or meaning in the way MIT defines
the concept of a Learning-Org.

2) The thrill and excitement of implementing ideas that I have been
nurturing has been so overwhelming and rewarding that I wish to focus on
nothing but working to help my company achieve more and more success
(measured in financial terms). I am now motivated by greed. . .I want to
make a boat load of money. . .and then make more and more and more.

As I leave I'd just like to say a couple of things.

First, emotions are an important part of life. I've learned that the hard
way. But ultimately what we feel and how we respond to those feelings must
be guided by rational thought. If we really want to control our emotions
we need to define values that are congruent with human nature - - not as
man thinks he is, not as he hope he is, but as he is. I don't want to
understand things through mystical terms or altruistic terms. I want my
understanding to flow from rational thought, validated by hard experience.

Second, the virtues of debate, in the classical sense, seem to me to be
more effective and fruitful than the idea of dialog. There are simply some
people I'll never have a "flow of meaning" with. I'll feel nothing but
abhorence and contempt for some. Even though these feelings will exist,
unapologetically, I will be more than happy to debate the differences in
our views - - and, if they're able to show me, through rational thought,
to believe as they do I'll change my mind.

And, in relation to a current thread, I think employees should be stacked
rank. I think they ought to compete with each other, just like their
organizations compete with other organizations. That is the best hope of
progressively increasing one's competitiveness.

I wish Rick Karash, and all those who have enriched my thinking and
extended your friendship the best for the future.

[Host's Note: Best wishes to you, Ben. You'll be very welcome back here
anytime. ...Rick]


Benjamin Compton bcompton@emailsolutions.com

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