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Thu, 15 Jan 98 10:45:39 -0500

responding to Employee Ranking Systems LO16535

Are we talking about Performance Reviews, or Performance Ranking?
These are two very difference things albeit related.

I agree that _ranking_ an employees' performance is a practice of
dubious benefit. Although it is a component of the performance review
structure here at HP, it is not a metric that we find of any value at
this site in particular.

However, speaking from the viewpoint of the manufacturing world, there
is a great deal of benefit to be extracted from a performance review.
I am not talking about tayloristic or orwellian practices, but (as was
discussed in the 'analogies' thread) focusing on applying an employees
strengths where they may be of the most benefit to the organization
and working on the employees weaknesses. We have done that here with
great success through mentoring, education, and closely tracking
quality metrics.

I think the problem with some of the individuals on this list that
cannot see these benefits is that they have little or no experience
working in a environment where processes and procedures are dictated
as part of contractual obligation or a quality governing body such as
UL medical, DCAS, ISO, etc. (In my professional experience, I have
seen many parallels between pompous academicians and and arrogant
consultants). When you realize that sometimes we have no choice but
manufacture a product in a specific manner, especially when it
involves mundane or rote tasks, you will also realize that you need
the person or team doing that function that achieves the best results
(high quantity, high quality). The only way to effectively do this is
by monitoring the quality and quantity of the product and making the
necessary personnel changes that will show continuous improvement.
This does not mean negative sanctions, beratement, or any other
practice that lowers a persons self-esteem.

Properly administrated, a performance review system is a valuable tool
that can be used to benefit the employee and the organization.

--Those who can, do. Those who can't, consult.



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