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I'm John Cremer, checking in as a new subscriber. I stumbled onto
LO while looking for some other material, and was impressed. As an
independent consultant, I mostly work solo or as a hired hand on
multidisciplinary project teams from larger consulting firms. In either
case, it is easy to lose touch with reality and flow with the prevailing
fads and thrusts of the moment. I am hoping that the information exchange
with other subscribers will serve as a periodic "reality check" when I am
in danger of being overly psycho- or techno-babblized on any given

My interest in Learning Organizations stems from my experience.
Over the years, in my former military career, and now in my consulting
work, there have been all too fleeting occasions when I found myself part
of, in charge of, or consulting for what I perceived to be close to high
performance learning organizations. It was always an inspiring

It always seemed to me that these "peaks" of exemplary
organizational cohesion and performance were highly transient states and
short lived (measured in hours, days, weeks, or months at best). They
also seemed to be the result of a fortuitous situation including the right
mix or "coming together" of people, circumstances, challenges, and events.
Some organizations were well prepared, but never got the chance, while
others were poorly prepared and were unable to grasp the chance when it

I am curious as to whether anyone else has seen it this way. If
it is so, what implications must it have on the way we look at and work
with the members of organizations?

Best regards to all,
John C. Cremer


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