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Frank Sofo (
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 00:08:17 +1100

I was asked by an Australian government dept last week if I could provide
them with the latest ideal human resource managment plan which they could
apply to their organisation which is in health and community care.

I have drafted this brief outline and am wondering what your thoughts are
on it or if you have any other ideas? Here it is:


4 Salient Elements of a People Management Plan:

1 Services
a. planning; job analysis, design, duty statements, job
b. estimating / integrating demand and supply into total
c. recruitment, selection, placement, induction and socialisation
of people.

2 Skills
a. staff training and development (knowledge, skills, attitudes);
b. leadership development (knowledge, conceptual skills, eg.
critical thinking, mentoring, coaching, counselling);
c. organisational development, facilitation of system
d. career development, matching long term individual &
organisational needs.

3 Stimulating high performance
a. meeting individual needs;
b. job satisfaction & anticipating alienation;
c. performance appraisal, 360: feedback, rewards to performance
d. behavioural & structural techniques to stimulate performance;
e. compensation administration and handling problem employees.

4 Sustaining high performance
a. providing leadership, benefits, services, working conditions
to maintain commitment to the organisation.

What about things like EEO, Industrial Democracy, Occupational Health and
Safety, Workforce Diversity? Where do these things fit in the Plan?



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