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Scott Simmerman (SquareWheels@compuserve.com)
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 17:34:25 -0500

Replying to LO16628 --

This has been an interesting dialog and it's been good to see so many
people with different perspectives wading into the line of Fire. Good job
and nicely done!

Roxanne Abbas mentioned Peter Scholtes quote or peom:

Leaders of People:
Some are Wonderful,
Some are Clueless.
The Rest are Somewhere In Between

and it reminded me of a comment in a workshop where people were looking at
the Square Wheels wagon and commenting on the disabilities involved - the
wagon pullers were deaf and the pushers were blind.

Fred Akers (participant) then gave me:

Those who lead
don't see a need
Those who do,
have no clue.

His perspective was that the people at the back of the wagon, pushing
forward, had a view of boards and hands and no clue as to the what's,
why's and wherefores of the activity "at hand" (pun) and thus had no idea
about what they were doing.

My experience with senior managers is that they have high motivation and
good intention, but the very long rope with which they pull effectively
isolates them from the realities of the journey forward, especially as it
regards the people at the back of the wagons.

How does a wagon puller effectively rate "effectiveness and efficiency"
and how do they account for all the other variables. Difficult at best,
especially with all the isolation.

Consider how difficult it would be, for example, to rate one day's posts
on the list for their "perceived overall value to the Learning
Organization list." Methinks that simple activity would be most
interesting and the discussion most enlightening.

Love these discussions -- keep them coming,

For the Fun of It!

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