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This is one of my pet interests and I would recommend "unorganization: A
handbook for company transformation" at

Acccountability is increasingly related to results achieved and not mere
location or pjresence in achieving them- the amazingly important thing is
that the ultimate accountability on employees is conferred by their
complete automony because special people deserve special rules only whilst
they are producing special results- this is the reason why telewoking
( and so on are in fact increasers of
prductivity- people cannot hind behind busyness in the office and call it
business- ponly their results get seen!

regards simon buckingham

Beatrice J Kalisch wrote:

> We are looking into the issue of accountability of employees in
> organizations. Speficially we are attempting to build a model to explain
> many of the variables we consider important and contributory to the level
> of accountability of individuals and groups in organizations. If you are
> doing work in this area or can refer us to other models and references, we
> would very much appreciate it.


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