right to change? LO16775

tzu jan gieszen (taosnet@euronet.nl)
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 14:40:36 +0100

dear at de lange,

thank you for your support of my tacit wish to understand [the importance
of] entropy production. i read your text and traced the lot of your

"associativity-monadicity" (wholeness)
"quality-variety" (rangeness)
"identity-categoricity" (sureness)
"being-becoming" (processing structure?)
"paradigm-open" (freeness)
"connect-beget" (fruitfulness) - (verwek, breng voort)
'quantity limit' (?)

from two of them i do not yet have your 'gestalt' term. will you tell me
what they are? i am living chaos, using opposing forces to create flux by
means of putting people 'on the other leg'. do you speak afrikaans, dutch
alike (since your name is de lange)? when it is afrikaans i do like to
learn your 'wezenlijkheden' in dutch.

i try to understand chaotic processes form within (tzu jan in chinese). i
did read the prigogine books and entropy production i still do not get.
but you are teaching / learning me. i looked up 'beget' and like the
meaning 'verwek' and 'breng voort'.

i am at a bifurcation point in life. long time obedience to rules of
'fathers', 'mothers', 'brothers' and 'sisters' and letting loose come
together over my head. the old branch is more or less known and fitting
'i-am-ok' as your errant boy and 'i-am-not-ok' as your fellow human. and
'you-are-ok' since you 'do the right things'. the other branch is foggy,
hard to focus on, turbulent and meets surrender to the flow. 10 years ago
a painful period of immergence started. a lot of energy was absorbed in a
both material and personal (humanal) influx. now i am now-here again
although it feels more like no-where. the air is loud of the cracking,
tearing and breaking. distance, emotions, dynamic quality events and self
sabotage all mix up. so much things feel 'onmogelijk', impossible,
unallowable, and are labeled with pain, loneliness, fear, anger and threat
of separation on one hand and love, joy, sensualness, timeliness and
fulfilling clear on the other.

i feel a catalyst in change of persons and organisations. my guidance is
the natural way of things, the tao. i know a lot of hampering elements in
organizational and personal life form experience. my contribution is
goalless. in change i propagate selfguidance (communicatieve zelfsturing).
people need to use their own values to direct meaning that they give to
things and events.

one thing that spooks in my soul is 'the right to change'. in the eye of
change, the production of entropy high, opposing forces present, turbulent
flux, my doing and letting (wu wei) open, the mutual arising (hsiang
sheng) unavoidable and the forces to comply, attach, depend, follow,
immerge strong [in me and the other in any complementarity], what is then
'the right to change' oneself and / or the other?


taosnet@euronet.nl (tzu jan gieszen)

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