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Replying to LO17200 --

Replying to LO17200,
Doc says (in responding to Roxanne and Rol in

> So--in the interest of
> suspending judgment on either position, has this thread of dialog
> presented us with the opportunity to learn?

At this point in the conversation, this is an important thing to ask, and
I'll look forward to the replies. But let me pose a related question I
haven't yet heard, as follows:

When performance appraisal and ranking systems are used in organizations,
what is the effect on learning? That is to say, leaving aside the
specific information collected about the performance of an individual or
team in relation to business goals (which I admit is arbitrary and
artificial), how do the systems themselves relate to the capacity of the
organization and its members to learn?

or would we revert to claiming that the systems themselves are neutral to
regard to learning, and depend entirely on the means by which they are
utilized to have a positive or negative effect on learning?

Just curious.

Malcolm Burson



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