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David Savello (Savello_D@GUILFORDPHARM.COM)
Mon, 02 Mar 1998 08:28:36 -0500

Replying to LO17214 --

Simon, about 2-3 years ago the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturer's
Association of America (PhRMA) did commission some work on the costs of
drug development and drug approval in the U.S. Also, Tufts University
Center for Drug Development has published a lot of work on the economics
of drug development and drug approval. Joe Dimasi at Tufts is an
economist and has some excellent publications. Check these web pages

Good luck!

>>> Simon Buckingham <> 02/27/98 06:09PM >>>
>Hello there, I had a look back at last month's thread on LOs in
>Healthcare looking for references on books that describe health care
>reform. I could not find mention of any specific texts. I would
>appreciate any recommendations from the list, especially economic-based
>rather than political-driven approaches to the need for change. Thank
>you for helping me to learn! regards simon buckingham


David Savello <Savello_D@GUILFORDPHARM.COM>

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