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Please excuse multiple postings, and indeed my use of this list. Even
worse, I am a lurker, not out of choice, but out of large amounts of time
necessary to engage case studies. Help!

I am in urgent need of organisations to act as potential case studies.
Please feel free to forward this request/offer. Thank you.

Free - Scenario Planning Programme

I am a principal consultant employed by a Financial Times top 100 company.
I have a MBA and am currently pursuing a PhD by part-time study. I am at
a fairly advanced stage in my research and am now looking for a further
three organisations to participate as case studies. Each organisation
agreeing to take part will benefit from exposing between 12 and 20
employees to a 1? day workshop, in return for allowing me and an assistant
to undertake short pre- and post-workshop interviews.

There is no charge, except for at-cost expenses, for the whole programme.
I have one very successful case study completed, with references available
on request. If you are not familiar with scenario planning and its
benefits then please contact me. I am more than happy to sell it virtues
(some of which are listed below), without commitment.

Scenario Planning....

"Windtunnels" current strategic intent against a range of new and possible futures.
Sensitises the organisation to indicators of change.
Provokes mental rehearsals of responses to key events.
Provides a forum for knowledge transfer to take place: -
- New starters with new ideas.
- Long service employees with useful stories to tell.
Creates a common language and a common understanding.
Safe [future focused] environment to surface assumptions and to discuss radical ideas.
Corrects - diagnosis and remedy - inappropriately shared vision - anarchy / group-think.
An 'official' distraction to plan rather than fire fight.
Prevention of future problems rather than curing current symptoms.
'Entrepreneurial' - illuminates [previously unforeseen] opportunities.
A chance to understand and appreciate others' viewpoints.
Seeing and appreciating the big picture : the "helicopter" view of the organisation and its operating environment.
A fun team building event.

(Comments and and further questionning welcome on the above!)

BTW my research is attempting to prove that scenario planning, as an
intervention, can improvement organisational learning within a management
team. My theories also take in complexity thinking, in terms of scenario
planning creating a 'virtual' [read safe] edge of chaos environment;
emergence and a new form, in organisation terms, thus follows. Again,
comments are most welcome of this line of thought.

For further details please email me

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