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College on Organization Subconference
INFORMS National Fall Conference
October 25-28, Seattle, Washington
Knowledge, Knowing and Organizations


Knowledge has become a favorite topic among organization
scientists. The knowledge-based view of organizations has
highlighted the importance of intellectual capital in creating
economic value. It has led to renewed and revised appreciation of
human capital. It has refocused our frameworks for examining
organizational competencies. On the other hand, there is some
danger that the pace of acceptance of the concept has led us to
proliferate knowledge-related concepts, claims and correlates when
we could more constructively build upon them.

The College on Organization Science will devote this Falls
INFORMS Subconference to isolating the distinctive and enduring
value of Knowledge as a major construct in organization theory.
This meeting will build on topics raised at this Januarys
Organization Science Winter Conference and will precede a
special issue of Organization Science devoted to Knowledge,
Knowing and Organizations (guest editors: John Seely Brown,
Bruce Kogut, Arie Lewin, and Larry Prusak, call will be issued
following this conference, papers will be due by 30 April 1999).
The spirit of the conference is to promote innovation, risk-taking
and the development of ideas. Individuals are encouraged to
present early work. Participants will be encouraged to build on the
ideas presented and help the authors develop their thoughts, with
an eye toward submission for the special edition.

Papers and symposia that help resolve conflicts, confusions, and
vagueness about knowledge and organizations; that raise or resolve
fundamental questions about knowledge and its creation; that
integrate diverging arenas of research in the field; and that help
delimit the meaning of knowledge-related concepts are particularly

Topics may include (but are not limited to):
Epistemology for and of Organizations
Individual- vs Group- vs Organization- vs Industry-level
Knowledge Creation and Diffusion
Knowledge and Organizational Forms
Knowledge and Organizational Boundaries
Knowledge-based Competition
Knowledge Workers and Knowledge Networks
Know-how and Knowledge-based Competencies
Knowledge vs Know-how vs Understanding vs Beliefs vs


Paper submissions: 2-3 page abstracts.

Symposium submissions: 2-3 page description of symposium,
including organizing concept and format for papers/discussion
should be submitted. Please include 1-3 page abstracts of any
papers to be delivered as part of the symposium.

Four copies of all submissions are due by midnight 1 June 1998.
Only hardcopy submissions can be accepted (i.e., no fax or e-mail).
Send submissions to:

Jacqueline Meszaros
University of Washington, Bothell
22011 26th Ave SE
Bothell, WA 98021

Conference Format and Registration

The College on Organization Science Subconference will be part
of the INFORMS National Fall Conference, October 25-28, 1998,
at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center, Seattle,
WA. The Subconference will begin with a cocktail party in honor
of our dissertation competition finalists early on the evening of
Saturday the 24th. The Subconference itself will consist of 6 90-
minute symposia or seminars (4-5 papers each), held on Sunday
the 25th and Monday 26th. All interested parties are welcome. We
hope particularly that organization theorists who are working on
issues related to Knowledge in Organizations will join our

Registration and accommodation information is available through
the INFORMS home page (, by clicking Seattle
National Meeting (Fall 1998).

Jacqueline Meszaros
University of Washington, Bothell phone: 425.352.5282
22011 26th Ave. SE fax: 425.352.5277
Bothell, WA 98021-4900


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