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Dr. Steve Eskow (dreskow@magicnet.net)
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Replying to LO17260 --

1. Rick Karash asks why the interest in ranking maintains despite the lack
of a "clean resolution."

Premise: when a controversy is cleanly resolved it ceases to be of
interest. It would be hard to generate a good discussion on whether the
world is round or flat. It would be easier to generate a long and endless
discussion on what are the characteristics of a "learning" organization:
perhaps because the issue resists clean resolution.

3. One possible explanation for the ongoing interest in the ranking issue.

We are all interested in improving the performance of the organizations of
our society, and in improving the work and contribution of each person in
the organization. Ranking seems to have some ability to improve people and

We are all interested in humanizing our organizations, in resisting
tendencies to treat the people in them as objects to be manipulated and
weighed and measured as parts or products or machines rather than as human
beings. Ranking seems able to contribute to the dehumanizing of the

The tension between these two sets of concerns is difficult to resolve:
particularly difficult to achieve what Rick, our leader, suggests: a
"clean" resolution.

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