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Eugene J Bujalski (EUGENE.J.BUJALSKI@cdev.com)
27 Feb 1998 10:52:03 -0600

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Roxanne writes:

>Rol, this may be the most important issue where your perspective differs
>from that of many others who are trying to convey that the tools called
>performance ranking and performance rating are destructive tools that
>should be discarded. It is not simply a matter of training managers to
>use the tool more effectively. I believe that you are so convinced that
>you are "right" on this issue, that you have been unable to learn from the
>papers written by Robert Bacal and Fred Nichols and the many eloquent
>posts on the subject.

Roxanne, seems to me that you are determined to deny Rol his sense of
his own truth and experience as regards ranking/rating systems. As I find
myself more aligned with Rol's thinking, I must push back at this point.

Comments like "you have been unable to learn" strike me as counter to
the spirit of learning organization dialogue. I get the feeling that, in
your dictionary, "learning" may be defined as someone else coming to agree
with your point of view. And are well-written posts "eloquent" only if you
agree with them?

Gene Bujalski

[Host's Note: Hmm... Let's step back and notice what's happening here.
Notice some of the feelings and how they are expressed after a long
exchange which didn't convince either "side" to change their mind. Now,
from long experience, I am absolutely sure that Rol *is* open to new ideas
and that Roxanne *is* respectful of others' opinions, and the clash is not
that anyone is just stubborn. It strikes me that there is something big
going on here. If we are serious about this, we'll go for it, but what is
it? What would it take to make a break through?

Ben has offered a case study as another avenue. That might be productive.

My insertion here is not a gripe about Gene's msg or any other...

Could someone please try to summarize, and do so fairly, what are the key
issues here? What's kept this thread so vigorous without a clean
resolution? I hope we are serious enough to keep at it; I think there's
gold in here somewhere. ... Rick]


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