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John Zavacki wrote,

>The mind/body arguement has existed for many centuries. Is Dimasio the
>only writer of interest?

I suggest M.Polanyi "The Study of Man" published by Routledge and Kegan
Paul in London 1959 and, probably, more down to your point "Meaning" by
the same author published bz The University of Chicago Press 1977.

Polanyi thoughts are very much concerned with the body-mind problem. He
offers a solution to the b/m problem, which is 'tacit knolwedge'.
Actually, tacit knowledge, as he develops it, differs somehow from the
meaning that IMO represents more or less a dissociation of tacit and
explicit knolwedge. That, according to Polanyi is wrong."Every knowledge
is either tacit or rooted in tacit knowledge". However, hope that is

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