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Ed Brenegar (edb3@msn.com)
Thu, 5 Mar 1998 09:17:01 -0000

Replying to LO17285 --

Rick, and LO listers,

While I haven't follow this thread as closely as I would have preferred, I
do think that part of the problem which Rick outlines below is simply the
nature of organizations. So why not ask the question this way:

If employee ranking in its positive, most constructive sense were THE core
value of an organization, what would that organization look like? Or, we
created a organization beginning with the ranking system, what would it
look like?

My sense is that the problem with ranking employees is not the act or even
the methodology, but the culture of the organization. In many, people are
hired with a gun to their head. Perform or your gone. And in that
context, employee ranking is a negative. So I'd like to know what the
organization would look like if we started with the ranking system.


Ed Brenegar
Leadership Resources

>I'll try to answer my own question. It was, more or less, "Here we have a
>thread with lots of energy, but little apparent change in views. Why?"
>I think employee ranking is a *genuine* dilemma:


"Ed Brenegar" <edb3@msn.com>

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