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>It might be very interesting to see what members on this list would say if
>they had the same assignment- 15 min presentation before the CIO of your
>company. Let's put them side-by-side and see what the differences and
>similarities are and why.

I've done a few 15-30 minute presentations on LO/Knowledge
management/Managing change. A fairly common basic outline would be:

- Increasing pace of change
- Knowledge redundancy
- Nature of knowledge workers - motivation, vision stuff
- Creating the necessary kind of organisation - attitude/behaviour
development, LO type skills, processes to encourage the "new" way of

Sometimes I touch on recruitment policies. Do we recruit potato slicers or
do we recruit people who can learn to do something else when we buy a

An overall thought. One of the basics of preparing any presentation is
asking "What do I want the audience to do at the end?" There is so much
that could go into a knowledge management presentation that asking this
question first is critical to defining the content.

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