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Replying to LO17277 --

Good idea, Rick. I'm willing to contribute to this. The starting point has
to be:

What are my outcomes?
Who are my audience?


1. To inform, ie. what is knowledge management.
2. To persuade about its importance and role in change.
3. To illustrate how it will improve bottom line.
4. ?


1. Senior people in the organisation, eg. CEO, senior management?
2. Other employees in the organisation?
3. A professional group?
4. The general public?
5. A group of masters students?

There may be an alternative approach but i think this is the most
effective especially if the task is going to be a group one.

What do others think?


>[Host's Note: Since everyone seems to need a KM presentation, let's create
>one here... What are the key points? ...Rick]

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