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Hello, Lee--

This is an intriguing question because I've not considered inquiry and
advocacy from this perspective (duality). Without much hesitation,
though, it appears to be dualistic (just as "give and take" are two sides
to one coin).

I'd have to review At's posting (referenced) to respond to your 2nd
inquiry. Would you clarify this question for me, please?

The trench perspective, eh? I don't know of anyone who subscribes this
list who would advocate for me (or the changes). I can tell you only of
my own experience--unwilling and incapable of describing those of others.
The 5th Discipline Fieldbook was a very powerful late influence on my
management/coaching style. Using inquiry and advocacy, as it is described
in that book, helped change my life in a very positive direction. At the
same time I was absorbing Dr. Ron Short's little book on leadership in a
learning organization (focusing almost entirely on the concept of
self-differentiation). I began applying the principles I learned from
these (and related resources) at about the same time. Using these skills
have created a new sense of personal power and control, for me, about my
communications effectiveness and interpersonal relationships. I guess the
crux of the matter is that I no longer find myself frequently enslaved to
my own reactions, but can act from the center of my authentic self as an
advocate--and respect and honor the other through the process of inquiry.

I apologize for the inarticulate and inadequate quality of my response.
But, indeed, I would like to know where your question comes from--what
generated your interest, and what your thoughts are? I also suspect that
there are others who can generate much better answers than I did to your
question--if they will "jump" in on this.



Lee Bloomquist wrote:

> Doc Holloway, in previous note, writes of "inquiry and advocacy."
> Doc, is there a relation to the dualities described by the physical
> chemist, AM ed Lange, in his note to us last month about Bifurcations?
> Do you know of anyone on-line, here, who can give us a perspective from
> the trenches-- someone who's worked with you, and who can tell us about
> about the changes before and after you've introduced this duality?

"When you blame others, you give up your power to change." -Dr. Robert Anthony

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