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Dear Organlearners,

Lee Bloomquist <LBLOOMQUIST/0005099717@MCIMAIL.COM> writes

> Srinath said.
> ". the complete system consists of competitors competing with themselves
> by collaborating with others. Probably this is close to self
> actualization?.."
> In this light, AM de Lange's bifurcation, and its relevance to changes in
> thinking and feeling, makes me wonder...
> Can there be thinking without feeling?
> Or feeling without thinking?

Lee then traces the history of Martin Heidegger in a brilliant manner to
end up with the following question:

> How can I be sure that my key insight will not become my key failure?

Lee, the majority (hopefully) of the white people of Apartheid South
Africa have learnt the following lesson. We mus become and remain
sensitive to the painful immergences of our fellow human beings. We must
keep on questioning ourselves whether we are not responsible for it.

As Jesus have said it: "Do to others what you will do to yourself."

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