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Roxanne Abbas (rabbas@comp-web.com)
Sat, 7 Mar 1998 09:12:45 -0600

Steve Eskow asked:

" Would the quality of the discussion here be improved if we were ranked:
by Rick, or a committee?"

Rick Karash replied :

>Or, a related idea, suppose that on the web site readers could vote on
>the quality and relevance of each message. Give each posting a 1-10
> * Authors could get quant feedback.
> * And, later readers, if they wished, could select what to read based on
>quality ratings.
> * Or, for each msg, the average quality scores of that author's past
>msgs could be displayed as a guide.
> * Or (...back to ranking) we could post the sorted list of authors'
>quality ratings.
>This is all quite practical, just a little recreation programming
>required... would it be valuable?"

And Suzanne Sauvi commented:

"If we were ranked by a Committee, there is no way we would be
participating in these discussions in real time."

I have bared my soul on the topic of performance ranking. I agree with
Suzanne; I can think of no more efficient way to destroy learning and to
destroy this group than to rank our messages. I had assumed that Steve's
suggestion was purely facetious. I laughed aloud when I read it.


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