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Fri, 13 Mar 1998 15:16:26 +1000

Hi all.

My name is Dr Joseph Voros. People like to call me "Dr Joe" (I like it,
too :-) I have been lurking a while, and have decided to break my

I am currently in-between careers. My last job was with Netscape
Communications Corp which, you may know, has just "re-structured" (=
downsized!) with the shedding of several hundred people. Being based in
Australia, and part of the Asia-Pacific branch, we copped it but good
when the Asian economies of note started to sink!

Prior to that I also worked in IT in Australia's first Intranet focussed
company (back when the word was still considered a mis-spelling), and
prior to that as a corporate trainer. I've been out of the
academia-go-round for three years now.

My academic background is in theoretical physics, in which I hold a PhD,
although in recent years I have become interested in complex systems,
specifically organisational systems, systems thinking, learning
organisations, lateral thinking, creativity etc etc. I have a strong
interest in all of these areas, and and even stronger one in integrating
the essence of each and finding commonality.

My preferred mode of thinking is generalist and integrative -- I like to
synthesize from many sources. That's why this list is so stimulating.

I'm still exploring career options, but am drawn to the idea of working
in the area of organisational systems, learning orgs, etc. Hence, my
interest in watching this list.

I have found many valuable insights here, and must say that, in contrast
to some lists I've been on, this one has a very high calibre of content.

Now some questions:

Is there anyone else in Australia subscribed to this list? If so, what's
your view of the possibility of a career in helping to bring about more
Learning Orgs? I strongly believe that the idea of LOs must be spread as
far and wide as possible. I suppose I am looking for a way to making a
living doing what I am interested in. Wow! What a concept! :-)

[Host's Note: Joseph there are *tons* of Aussies on the LO list! 80 at
last count! Surprises me even... Perhaps some of the other downunder
readers will say hello to Joseph via direct email. ...Rick]

[Host's Note: ..and, as to the possibility of a career in helping to bring
about learning organizations... Well, many of us sure hope so! .. Rick]


Dr Joseph Voros                             Melbourne, Australia

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