Tavistock Group Relations Conference LO17403 -Bryn Mawr August 97

Marc Kessler (M_KESSLE@dewey.uvm.edu)
Fri, 13 Mar 1998 07:55:25 -0500

The Washington-Baltimore Center of AKRI is sponsoring:

Authority, Leadership and Organizational Life

The 33rd Annual Group Relations Conference

Bryn Mawr College

August 7-12, 1998

The Bryn Mawr Conference remains one of only two venues in the US
for residential group relations work in the traditional framework.
The primary task of the conference is to provide the opportunity to
study the overt and covert processes influencing the exercise of
authority and the emergence of leadership.

It is scheduled this year in close proximity to the
AKRI sponsored International Symposium, and presents an opportunity
to attend both events.

The Brochure and registration is available on line at:


For further information you can also contact:

Dr. Michael Speer, Administrator
1715 N Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20036
Phone 202-887-8955
FAX 202 833-9177

The AKRI Home Page is at



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