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Suzanne Sauvi wrote:

> I've been asked to develop a JOB SHADOWING program. After asking around,
> no one seems to know what it really means and in what context it should be
> used.

The idea behind "shadowing" is the same as becoming an apprentice to a
master, or being cared for by a mentor. The intent is demonstrate to the
trainee how a certain job should be done. When the information, concepts,
etc. are clear, they begin to do parts of the job, which expand eventually
to performing the whole job with some supervision. When "shadowing" the
expert, the trainee should be observing subtle nuances to the job and
devising ways to make the customers' experience as good as possible. The
point is to tech the job AND the attitude that goes with it.

The other issue about existing employees having a sanctioned time to share
best practices or lessons learned. This is a fundamental issue for
cross-training via a relatively inexpensive tool of peer education.

hope this helps,
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