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Fri, 13 Mar 1998 22:21:34 EST

I've been out of the LO list loop for quite some time, so thought I'd re-
introduce myself. My work is in research and management consulting, with
a theoretical focus on how adults develop within the context of work.
Most of my research has been in the area of job loss and personal
transformation, workplace development, and naturalizing the workplace
(vital work).

The training and consulting components range from job transition and
outplacement to managing for change to working with leaders to cultivate a
more participatory and self-directed work life. I really enjoy this
because, along with the research, I have a chance to explore the
convergence of human development, spiritual contexts, and radical humanism
within the workplace. What a deal! That's also where my interest in LOs
come in, as it is one of several work metaphors that is [at least in part]
fairly consistent with human nature.

For those interested--I DID finally complete my PhD this past December!
The research and dissertation went very well and I learned a great deal.
And had a chance to be involved with some neat,
we-don't-do-anything-by-the-book kinds of companies.

I look forward to being a part of the stimulating dialogue I can count on
with this list!


Terri A Deems

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