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>Thus, I am not so certain that Paul's statement is as much of a postulate
>as it might seem. I am also interested in Paul's definition of "senior
>management"- board rooms?, ceo's or somewhere down the line? what size
>company and what is "short term" vs long term

In terms of what should be the case, Tom is quite right. Long term vision
and long term gains are certainly what all this is about. However in
managing any change, including the introduction of LO and KM philosophies
and practices, it helps to show some quick gains which senior management
value to maintain their full backing.

By senior management I mean the board and its direct reports. However it
is important to consider the size and sophistication of the company. The
quick return is more important in smaller, reactive organiations where
senior management are closer to the coalface. Such people are not
generally noted for their strategic view. If, as internal or external
consultants, we are trying to encourage a longer more strategic view, we
need to meet them where they are just now - not where WE want them to be.

As regards the financial community, their short-termism is famous and I
see no sign of that changing - at least not in the UK.


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