Charisma in Leadership LO17439

Richard C. Holloway (
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 21:34:20 -0800

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The Bass & Stodgills Handbook of Leadership has some excellent research
references on charismatic leadership.

Chris Mathison wrote:

> in studying a little about charisma in leadership ; i have read a few
> articles that have suggested that the reason we listen to charismatic
> leaders is because they appeal to our emotions a great deal more than
> leaders that do not have charisma. i know that there are many different
> opinions about what exactly is charisma. however, my question is : do
> charismatic people play on the emotions of their followers.

"The most serious weakness in American business is the flaw in corporate
governance that permits the CEO to escape strict accountability and to cling
to power despite gross failures of leadership."  -Stanley Hiller, Jr.

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