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>I have not seen a lot of material on schools as learning organizations.
>There has been considerable discussion on "Quality" in schools. One
>author/consultant who seems to bridge the "Quality"/LO gap to some extent,
>and has worked with many school districts:


There is not a great deal of discussion of schools as learning
organizations. What I have found is largely theoretical. I think this is
to be expected. The current "mood" in public education is still top down
with the attitude that "if we do a better job of testing, student
performance will increase." I recently heard someone say that this
parallels the strategy that the best way to lose weight is to stand on the

I am not against assessment -- it plays a vital role in improving
performance when used to provide learners with information. It does not
make a whole lot of sense to me. But as long as we are only looking for
short-term fixes...

In any event, the following lists some articles that I recently found. I
am sure there are others.

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