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Edward T.H. Huang (
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 20:30:40 +0800

I received a copy of your email re-copied below. Why do you not insert a
blank line between your paragraphs to make for easier reading? It is
extremely difficult and deterring to read an article that is a mass of
unremitting close-typed print which gives visual indigestion.

I am trying to educate users of email to give more attention to their
presentation for the benefit of heir readers. The latter are then more
likely to read the material and be able to assess the information if it
were presented in digestible visual bites for speed reading

In my opinion, paragraphs should not exceed five lines of type for ease of
reading. They should also adhere to the principle of one theme per
paragraph. Surely your article would be more assimilable if it were in the
format for which I have taken the liberty to re-present.


[Host's Note: Edward included a reformated copy of a recent LO msg... I've
deleted it; I don't generally distribute anything twice.

I do agree with Edward that use of a little white space and separating
paragraphs will help readability here as anywhere. Five lines? Hmm...


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