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Steve Renne (
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 15:26:09 -0600

As part of a team working on a process by which schools develop a
protocol for accountability to themselves (meaning accountability to all
of their stakeholders), we are intrigued by the concept of measuring
learning. Schools currently have a variety of internal and external
measures of performance (test scores, dropout rates, SAT/ACT scores, per
pupil expenditures, etc.). However, measures of learning seem to elude
us. Some will argue that achievement test scores measure learning but the
preponderance of evidence (including discussions on this listserv)
indicate that learning goes beyond responses to test items. Alternative
measures such as performance assessment and curriculum-based assessment
give us a broader picture of student achievement but we are not convinced
that any of these truly measure learning.

How do learning organizations measure learning? How do they measure
learning for a variety of stakeholders - leaders, workers, customers, etc?
How might public schools utilize these measures in their quest to improve?

Thanks in advance for your response and assistance.

Steve Renne
CUSD #300
Carpentersville, IL


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