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Richard C. Holloway (
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 21:54:26 -0800

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Hi, John--

I'm not much of a charismatic leader believer (or follower), either,
though I'm not sure I could articulate the reason why. I would like to
hear more, though. I believe that in the past I've described such
disparate people as Qadafi, Ghandi, Jim Jones and others as being
charismatic (not to leave out the spiritual leaders such as Christ,
Mohammed, Buddha and others). So, let us have it! Besides, I have comps
and my thesis to finish up soon--maybe I'll be able to use some of your



John P. Dentico wrote:

> Just a note on charismatic leadership, Bass's book does have a lot to say
> on charismatic leadership, he was the great proponent of the idea. I have
> spent five and a half years working towards my doctorate in leadership
> studies at the University of San Diego. I just want to say at this point
> that there is no such thing as Charismatic Leadership, the theory has been
> debunked. If you would like to discuss this I would be glad to, wishing
> you a good day.

"What we say is important  .  .  .  for in most cases the mouth speaks what
the heart is full of." - Jim Beggs

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