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Action without right being is not right action.
Being without right action is not right being.

John said,

>I am reading Joe's book right now, and I say that because in the
>beginning of his book, Joe says "leadership is more about being than
>about doing". Sorry I don't agree. Human development is about being,
>Leadership is about what people do together.
>Here is a very powerful quote:
>"We needed to stop asking ourselves about the meaning of life, and
>instead to think of ourselves as those who were being questioned by
>life--daily and hourly. Our answer must consist, not in talk and
>meditation, but in right action and in right conduct. Life ultimately
>means taking responsibility to find the right answer to its problems and
>to fulfill the tasks which it constantly sets for each individual."
>Viktor E. Frankl, "Man's Search for Meaning. P.85

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