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Simon, I agree with you that:

"But I would say that one of the biggest difficulties with teams is that
force of personality rather than ideas take precedence- politics- personal
dynamics unrelated to ideas- prevails in collective contexts such as
teams. Ideas get watered down or rejected depending on who makes them and
their rank."

Yes, this is so true. And why? Because they have not developed a vehicle
for practicing mutual accoutability. It is not true team but a collection
of egos and competing agendas which happen to have a title of team. This
is a value which has to be intentionally practiced in order for the team
to function well. And those who supervise the team must be willing to
allow that accountability to develop.

Finally, one of the benefits of the shift to a knowledge based economy is
that the charismatic leader without ideas is the emperor without clothes.
The future is being built on the foundation of ideas and collaborative
leadership. I, for one, welcome it.

Thanks again,

Ed Brenegar
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