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This is a reply to John Dentico's message.

What I mean to say is that I do not believe that one can have right action
without right being or right being without right action. They are mutually
dependent. If you are looking for the necessary ingredients for making the
world a better place, I suggest that these are the keys to transforming
the world.

Transformation in an organization occurs on an individual level, within
those individuals willing to do the painful, difficult inner work of
transforming themselves. Some leaders believe they can encourage others to
change, without first changing themselves on a very personal level.
Actions that spring from this belief are not right actions. Often they
have harmful consequences.

When a leader chooses to BE the change, that process of BEING, of
regularly checking in with one's inner wisdom, leads to greater awareness
of what right action is. It also begins the alchemical process within
those followers who experience, through observation or osmosis, this
person's BEING.

The knowledge of what constitutes right action springs from this inner
source. Once the awareness of right action arises, for a leader to choose
any other action is self-betrayal. That is why I say "being without right
action is not right being."

As I see it, these are the basic prerequisites for a learning
organization, for the collaboration you refer to. To have a deep sense of
respect for one's own right being is essential to respecting the right
being of others. It creates a leader capable of leading in a way that does
not interfere with the process of others, but respects the sacred space
within each unique person. At the same time, it does not mean a leader who
is weak, who turns whichever way the wind blows--because right being and
commitment to right action provide vision and purpose. It makes possible a
genuine listening and openness to the reality of others; which in turn
makes possible the creation of truly synergistic right actions.

My ideas have been very much influenced by Arnold Mindell's The Leader as
Martial Artist, and his concept of Deep Democracy. They also come from
Stephen Covey's ideas about principles as Truth North, and from my
readings in Buddhism. I believe we in the end of this millenium are
engaged in trying to create worldwide a metaphysical synergy, if you will,
between the belief systems of the West (Action) and those of the East
(Being). This effort holds great promise for the future of our planet. It
happens in one human breast at a time.

Nice saying, but you must tell me more about what it means to you.
Forgive me but too many leadership development programs are built on nice
sayings. Let us speak of learning, of transformation, of the why and how
of right action and the necessary ingredients to make the world a better

At 08:57 AM 3/20/98 -0600, you wrote:

>Action without right being is not right action.
>Being without right action is not right being.


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