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Robert Bacal (rbacal@escape.ca)
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 00:43:48 +0000

> Brock Vodden, in Employee Ranking Systems LO17500, said:
> >Perhaps the ranking vs. non-ranking argument is not the crucial point in
> >this debate. Could it be that the determinant of effectiveness is the
> >soundness of the overall design and the underlying philosophy of the
> >system.

I was going to comment on this (I agree), but I wanted to share a thought,
for what it's worth. When I unsubed from the list some many weeks ago,
this thread was just starting. And I found many of the posts frustrating
(as I find the list when I overdose on it).

What's interesting is, after being absent for some time, it really appears
from casual viewing, that the level of discourse has changed,
evolved...that there has been learning on the list. It's kinda neat, and I
wonder if others have similar observations.

I am, at times, critical of the discussion that take place here (just not
my cup of tea sometimes), but I am impressed with the apparent evolution
of thought.

On the topic, since I was here last (I think) we've added a second article
on the topic to our web site, which you are all invited to attend. Both
"Why Ratings Based Appraisals Fail " and "Why Employee Ranking systems
Lead To Disaster" are in different issues of the Workplace2001 newsletter,
both are accessible from http://www.escape.ca/~rbacal/psm

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