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Wed, 25 Mar 1998 07:15:13 -0000

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Lee Bloomquist wrote:

>"To measure something you have to observe it."
>Do you agree?

Yes, and not only observe, but know what it is you are observing and why.
Or, you have to place your observations and measurement into a meaningful
context. By meaningful, the measurement must have some relevance to
decisions and future actions.

>For example, to measure length you have to observe length.

>"To measure learning you have to observe learning."

And to observe learning, you have to decide what that means in the context
of the organization. Where does that learning lead the individual, the
team, or the organization. That is where the measurement comes in. Why
observe it, if you are not going to measure it, and why measure it, if you
are not going to determine why it is important.

Good point Lee.

Ed Brenegar
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