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I reply after a small number of posts have already been sent.

All of them are helpful (in my view). Vana's is the one I most identify

The key point, in my view and this is looking at it from a slightly
different angle, is to see addressing the issue as a people and
relationships issue. NOT THAT PEOPLE ARE THE PROBLEM [I agree with the
other posts that mention processes and SPC etc]

The issue is one of change and in my experience we underestimate the time
and trouble needed to appropriately take care of the people and
organisation issues.

John Kotter wrote and excellent article published in the Harvard Business
review on Change in Mar/April 1995 together with a subsequent book called
Leading Change published by Harvard Business School Press. ISBN

All of the parts of the change People and organisation, Information and
processes need to be addressed.

THe post that mention resistance are very important at the getting on with
it stage.

I hope this helps and the best of luck.

Ian Saunders
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