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Thu, 26 Mar 98 09:53:30 GMT

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Rol (and other interested parties)

Some other things you might consider in this regard are benchmarking and
implementation. In these regards, there has been significant work done
over the past 30 years in linking Motivation to Organisational Climate and
Organisational Climate to Leadership Practices, Strategy and
Organisational Arrangements. (Viz. "Motivation and Organisational
Climate," Litwin and Stringer, Harvard U. Press, 1968; and "Strategy Traps
and How to Avoid Them," Stringer with Uchenick, Lexington, Books, DC.
Heath, 1986).

If you properly benchmark the dimensions of Organisational Climate and the
characteristics of Leadership Practices, such as those which you list,
against the standards of world-class high performance organisations, "Boss
Ranking Systems" can be an extraordinarily effective tool in optimizing
organisational performance.

Richard Goodale
Managing Partner
The Dornoch Partnership>


Richard Goodale <fc45@dial.pipex.com>

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