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Sat, 28 Mar 1998 11:45:54 EST

Replying to LO17568 --

> Learning in organizations should be focused on KPIs so that there
> is a commercial purpose to the learning. In so doing, employers are more
> inclined to support organizational learning . There is also a pragmatic
> focus which prevents learners from 'floating' all over the place , because
> if left on our own , we will select the learning most beneficial to
> ourselves as an individual.

I'd also like to hear a bit more about KPIs. Sounds a bit like teaching-to-

I question why there needs to be a heavy focus on 'commercial purpose' to
learning. Concerning training, this kind of focus make sense. But to
limit learning to commercial purpose could serve to restrict the human
development within the organization, which will in turn only further limit
the movement of the organization's growth.

My experience has shown that, within a strong learning culture, people may
'float' a bit in their learning interests, but will as often select
learning that serves organizational interests as well as their own. These
do not have to be at odds. For those organizations that survive in order
to further human or social growth, the leaders encourage people to learn
in any and all areas; if that leads them to a new organization, then
that, too, is supported.

When the organization is well-served, individuals prosper; when
individuals are well-served, the organization will prosper.


Terri Deems

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