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> It's unfortunate, but I think a fact of life that ideas are judged not
> only on their own merits but also the force of personality of the person
> who delivers it. As project leader I would have "force" of leadership,
> but I think having "presence" would help as well.

Patrick, if charismatic leadership is inner core of ideas plus outer core
of marketing and networking and the personality this entails, then yes you
need presence and some assertiveness to communicate your ideas

In theory, ideas alone should be able to succeed- you should not have to
be in a position of power or like right or be in the right place to
succeed with your ideas- the only prejudice should be talent. Otherwise
you are putting entry barriers in the way of success and miss out on
opportunities and ideas that may be better suited as solutions to your

In practice, whether or not ideas without charisma succeed depends on the
media you are communicating the ideas through. Internet- probably not-
no-one can see you or where you are. But television yes definately need
the charisma as well- you only have to look at the trend for political
leaders over time in the US, UK, Latin America and many other places (but
not Russia last week with its technocratic, rather plain young unknown-
but does he have ideas?!). Presidents these days must be photogenic. The
problem is that many of these leaders don't have ideas- they are
reactionary chameleons.

By the way, do whatever is comfortable for you- if you agree with your
employer/ boss then try to have more presence. If you feel the honesty you
have shown in admitting this very criticism to this large list should be
enough to succeed, as I suspect, then stay the same. Changes are okay of
you think they are for the bette.

best wishes, regards, simon buckingham, unorganization: business not


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