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Dear Organlearners, writes:

> I am sad to say that I will not be able to contribute for a couple of
> months as I found out today that due to re-organisation my job has been
> made redundant.

Here in South Africa roughly 40% of the work force (black an white) since
1990 have been hit by predicament like your own. If someone would have
predicted it, say in 1980, it would have been the joke of the decade.

> However this is pushing me into "flying solo!" into brand development,
> marketing consultancy where I want to apply learning organisation and
> systems thinking to this area. Any advice, help will be appreciated on
> this.

Use your predicament to learn from it and help others to overcome the same
predicament. Help them to develop a pension fund, a medical aid and a
housing scheme robust enough to withstand reorganisations because such
reorganisations, downsizings, etc. will happen more and more in future.

Only the most creative individuals and creative organisations alike will
persist through the difficult times ahead. With what will we qualify this
"most creative"? With its higher emergent orders such as learning and
language. Creativity which does not emerge into, for example, learning,
will simply not be rich/complex enough to handle future problems. I thus
foresee a persistant future for organisations which can become learning

> I am not connected to internet yet at home but will re-make contact as
> soon as possible. Hope to talk again soon and let you know what being
> "unorged" (in Colin Buckingham parlance) is like!!

Best wishes


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