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John L. Mariotti (mariotti@industryweek.com)
Fri, 1 May 1998 11:55:15 -0400

An associate and I are hosting a workshop in May on "The Leader as a
Learner", in which we will discuss how to create competitive advantge
through the development of learning organizations and especially the
leader's role in understanding, supporting and championing this approach.

If there is anyone interested in this, please respond. If this is not the
right forum for such a query, also please advise.


"This program will change your life and your career."

The Leader as a Learner

An Interactive Learning Experience for Leaders
Who Want to Create Learning Organizations
for Competitive Advantage

May 26-27, 1998
Townsend, Tennessee
Valley View Lodge and Convention Center

featuring conference leaders
James C. Barber
John L. Mariotti

The Enterprise Group * Time-shared Executive Advisors * Knoxville, TN 37922


The Leader as a Learner

"If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six hours sharpening
my ax." --Abe Lincoln.

The Goals of this Interactive Learning Experience:

I. To hone the mind of organizational leaders, to make it sharper,
particularly when it comes to understanding how to make an organization
more effective through the strategic involvement of people.

2. To develop "The Leader as a Learner"...and educator:
* A leader who respects ideas and knowledge
* A leader who desires to empower the minds of those he leads
* A leader who wants to enhance the intellectual capital of his or her people
* A leader from whom there is much to learn
* A leader who is tough and has high standards, but who also cares deeply
about the minds and hearts of those he leads

3. To conceive and develop practical organizational strategies that
create competitive advantage via organizations that more effectively use
people's cognitive abilities.

4. To gain the confidence that this is a very effective strategic and
tactical approach to creating competitive advantage.

Questions this program will address:
* Why are most organizational learning programs ineffective and irrelevant?
* Why is learning so difficult for well-educated professionals and executives?
* What exactly do people in organizations have to "unlearn" in order to learn.
* Why is creativity so rare in most companies...and what can companies do
to promote creativity?
* Why are most organizations designed to resist learning, rather than
facilitate it.
* How does a company access and use the vital knowledge and ideas of its
* Leaders have a key role to play in developing learning in their
organizations. What should be some of the most important leadership tasks
in this regard?
* What kinds of learning are necessary for companies to achieve and sustain a
competitive advantage?

Tuesday, May 26 Noon: Welcome Luncheon:
1:00 PM--2:15 PM Why Organizational Learning Is So Important? Learning
And Shape Shifting. John Mariotti
2:15 PM --2:30 PM Break
2:30 PM --3:45 PM The Learning Disabilities Of Learners. Why So Many
Leaders Are Poor Learners. Jim Barber
3:45 PM --4:00 PM Break
4:00 PM --5:15 PM Learning To "Learn And Unlearn." How So Many Bright
People Get Trapped In Stupid Organizations.
John Mariotti and Jim Barber
5:15 PM --5:30 PM Wrap up and "Wild Card" Session Discussion

7:00 PM Reception & Dinner at The Historic Mill House Restaurant

Wednesday, May 27
8:00 AM --9:15 AM Double Loop Thinking And Analytical Thinking--The Limits
Of Logic.
Jim Barber
9:15 AM --9:30 AM Break
9:30 AM --10:45 AM Examining Personal Paradigms About Learning--Is
Teaching The Same As Learning?
John Mariotti and Jim Barber
10:45 AM --11:00 AM Break
11:00 AM --12:15 PM The Modern Organization And The Knowledge
Worker--Creating Competitive Advantage.
John Mariotti

12:15 PM --1:15 PM Lunch and informal discussions

1:15 PM --2:30 PM The Teaching/Learning Organization --Practical
Strategies To Diffuse Learning/Teaching Throughout The Organization.
(Learning at the Top is not good enough.)
John Mariotti and Jim Barber
2:30 PM--2:45 PM Break
2:45 PM--4:00 PM WILD CARD Session: Synthesis And Reflections: What have
we learned? What questions remain unanswered? What will we do with this
new knowledge and understanding?
John Mariotti and Jim Barber
4:00 PM--5:00 PM Closing: Follow-Up Strategies And Support To Sustain The

Conference Leaders
* JAMES C. BARBER is an educator and consultant whose parents' roots in
the labor movement of the 40's and 50's led him to a career of making a
difference in the effectiveness of organizations. He holds a Doctorate in
Organizational Behavior and Adult Education. He was formerly a Dean at
Antioch University's McGregor School, and has worked with the University of
Michigan, MIT and other leading institutions on special programs. He
specializes in developing organizational learning as the foundation for
organizational transformation. Jim has helped build successful empowered
work teams at numerous corporations. He has been published in leading
journals, and his article describing one of his successes, "From the
Working Class to the Learning Class," appeared in the National Productivity
* JOHN L. MARIOTTI founded The Enterprise Group, a coalition of
time-shared executive advisors in 1994. He is currently management
columnist for IndustryWeek magazine and moderator of their America's Best
Plants conferences. He was previously President of Rubbermaid's Office
Products Group, and prior to that, for ten years, President of Huffy
Bicycles, the world's largest bicycle company. Following his B. S. M. E.
and M. S. M. E. degrees, he began his career with GTE, and spent 12 years
with L.R.Nelson where he held several key management positions: Materials
Manager, Manufacturing Manager, Director of Logistics, and V.P. Planning &
Development. He also holds a Ph.D. in business. His first book, The Power
of Partnerships: The Next Step Beyond TQM, Reengineering and Lean
Production, was published in 1995, and his second "The Shape~Shifters:
Continuous Change for Competitive Advantage" in 1997, which was named one
of 1997's Top Ten Resources for Leaders and the InnoThink Award winner by
Management General.

Accommodations and Travel
* The meetings will be held at the Valley View Lodge and Convention
Center, in Townsend, TN (this is a community they call "The Quiet Side of
the Smokies.") A block of rooms is reserved, but attendees must make
reservations directly with the Lodge 800-292-4844 or 423-448-2237. (It is
part of the Best Western chain.) This facility rests on a 15 acre, hilly,
landscaped site in the foothills of the mountains, within short drives of
all the Great Smoky Mountain National Park attractions.
Deadlines for room reservations is April 12, 1998.
* The Valley View Lodge is located 22 miles (35-45 minutes by rental car)
from the Knoxville, TN McGee-Tyson Airport which is served by a dozen major
airlines or their commuter services. Rental cars are preferable as there
is no public transportation service to/from the airport and Townsend.

"Our behavior is driven by a fundamental core belief: the desire, and the
ability, of an organization to continuously learn from any source,
anywhere--and to rapidly convert this learning into action--is its ultimate
competitive advantage." John F. Welch, Jr. General Electric 1996
Annual Report


Mail or Fax this page to:
The Enterprise Group, 717 Brixworth Blvd., Knoxville, TN 37922
or FAX it to 423-966-3938
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Confirmation will be sent either via fax or email.

Deadline for registration and payment of fee: April 12, 1998

Number of attendees: __________________ Invited by:
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Conference Registration Fee: Single attendee: $1495.00; guests $995.00
each. Group discounts are available. The registration fee includes
luncheons, refreshments at breaks, dinner, and program materials. Lodging
and travel is not included.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations within 60 days prior to conference will
be assessed a $100 administrative fee. After May 1, cancellations will be
refunded less a 25% cancellation charge.
In the event of a cancellation of the program, liability is limited to the
registration fee.

In answer to questions: To get copies of "The Shape Shifters" use:
amazon.com,barnesandnoble.com or call John Wiley & Sons direct at

John L. Mariotti, President, The Enterprise Group, Phone/Fax 423-966-3938,

"It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can
sincerely try to help another without helping himself." --Emerson


"John L. Mariotti" <mariotti@industryweek.com>

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