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I think that there is a difference between morality and freedom- freedom
is the right to act as you please, and morality is the obligation to use
that freedom wisely. Freedom is something that everyone has a birth right
to and the ability to retain as long as they act in a morally responsible

We all all born free and systematically compromise until we are no longer
free financially or intellectually. At that stage, an individual is no
longer acting in a morally honest way- there are varying degrees of
freedom- people may think they are free if they are free to spend their
salary as they please, but this is merely a second order freedom because
that person is not necessarily free to determine how they earn an income.
Acting immorally endangers our true freedom.

Moral first-order freedom is fundamentally powerful- it confers great
power on the individual who has it such as mobility, integrity and
independence to learn and create. Every individual should strive for moral

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