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Ray E. Harrell (mcore@IDT.NET)
Sat, 02 May 1998 12:24:30 -0700

Replying to LO17902 --

To the List:

In my work, TRAINING is called coaching and is short term, task specific.
Training requires the ability to do a musical piece within certain
parameters but without the trappings of full fledged holistic knowledge.

TEACHING: on the other hand is long term and has to do with the whole life
and work intention of the student. The teacher must not only make sure
that the student can perform a specific piece but can move the truths of
that piece into other creative situations. Training is in that case
considered derivative while teaching is considered creative.

Ray Evans Harrell, artistic director
The Magic Circle Chamber Opera of New York, Inc.


"Ray E. Harrell" <mcore@IDT.NET>

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